Important questions and answers

Question:      What are the main advantages of using REWITEC® products?

Answer:         The result of assemblies being treated with this surface smoothing is primarily a reduction in the friction within these systems, which as a consequence reduces the mechanical strain put on the components and the thermal loading of the whole system. This is accompanied by an optimisation of energy efficiency and durability.

Question:      How does using REWITEC® products create potential savings?

Answer:         Through working as described above the products reduce loading on treated components, which can result in an extended service life, optimised maintenance cycles, longer lubrication intervals, lower replacement parts costs and many other benefits. Energy consumption (e.g. by drive systems and engines) can be lowered, which additionally reduces expenditure for the operator. Taking wind turbines as an example, improved energy efficiency also makes it possible to achieve a greater electricity yield and thus a higher level of income.

Question:       Over what period do REWITEC® products pay for themselves?

Answer:          It is not possible to give a blanket answer to that, as it depends on the parameters of the equipment treated. However, in comparison to other optimisation measures the amortisation times are surprisingly short and sometimes just 1-2 months!

Question:      What influence do REWITEC® products have on internal combustion engines in terms of fuel consumption and emissions?

Answer:         Academic tests at Frankfurt Technical University showed as far back as 2007 that fuel consumption can be cut by up to 10,4 % (NEDC). Practical tests with cars and commercial vehicles generally come out at around 5-10 %. Emissions go down by as much as 63 %!